Parc Samà

One of the best samples of 19th century Romantic gardening

El invernadero de Parc Samà

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Daines (Dama dama). 
Parc Samà. Jardí romàntic del s. XIX promogut per Salvador Samà, Marqués de Marianao i projectat per Josep Fontseré
Cambrils, Baix Camp, Tarragona

We are in Cambrils (Tarragona), 5 km from the coast

Welcome to the romantic and symbolic world of a park that is at the same time a garden, a forest, a lake and a palace.


Parc Samà is a garden with memory, a Mediterranean orchard, a poetic forest, a melancholic palace…

Parc Samà is the summer residence that in 1881 built Salvador Samà, Marquis of Marianao, between Cambrils and Montbrió, surrounded by vineyards, olive and almond trees. It is the legacy of an ‘Indiano’, a fusion of styles and a delight for the senses.

A tribute to beauty, a landscape with memory, nostalgia for other places and times. The Cuba of Spain, the symmetrical France and the Romantic England, the quiet Asia and the Classical Greece. It is full of symbolism and a true reflection of its owner’s spirit, nature and art, sensitivity and ingenuity.

Parc Samà is a paradise on earth, an Eden stolen from the heavens.

Francesc Gras i Elies

“A Paradise on Earth is the garden of this Fifth Eden stolen to the heavens that fantasy dreamed.”

Francesc Gras i Elies

Parc Samà, a garden with memory

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