Año Albéniz en Parc Samà

160th anniversary of the birth of the genius of musical romanticism

Coinciding with the 160th anniversary of the birth of Isaac Albéniz (May 29, 1860 in Camprodón, Gerona), the park pays tribute to him with different acts related to romanticism especially in gardening and music.

Isaac Albéniz’s music will sound every day in the greenhouse, where copies of the scores of some of his great works will be exhibited.

A way of feeling and conceiving nature

Romanticism is a cultural movement which prioritizes feelings over reason, a way to feel and conceive nature, life and the human being.

In Spain flourished in the late nineteenth and early twentieth Centuries and left its mark on literature, painting and music. Park Samà is a clear example of a romantic garden. We invite you to take a trip back in time and feel like in romanticism. Enjoy the visit!

Bailarina en Parc Samà, Pep Aguadé

El invernadero de Parc Samà

El invernadero de Parc Samà

10 facts about Albéniz

He debuted as a concert performer at the age of four at the Romea Theater in Barcelona with a fantasy about Sicilian vespers from Verdi.

He is the most important Spanish composer of the 19th Century.

His first compositions are influenced by the works of Chopin, Liszt and the Central European music of the time.

He was a disciple of Felipe Pedrell, musicologist and composer, the main promoter of the awakening of Spanish music at the time.

“Suite Española” (1896) is his masterpiece and represents the summit of his career as a composer, it is also one of the top piano compositions within the history of music. This work is part of the nationalist trend related to Romanticism, its pieces are Granada, Catalonia, Seville, Cuba, Cádiz, Asturias, Aragón and Castilla.

He composed the melancholic Mallorca barcarolle during his trips to thos island with Enrique Granados. He lived stable in Barcelona, Madrid, London, Paris and Nice.

He was a piano virtuoso, an instrument to which he dedicated the best of his creativity as a composer. Albeniz also composed lyrical works, such as the opera “Pepita Jiménez” (1895), his favorite.

Passionate about the theater, he produced zarzuelas, operas, songs and other music of vocal or scenic nature. He came to found his own company of zarzuela.

He kept a great relationship with Modernism and maintained friendship with many of its main icons; also a lover of wagnerism -aligned with Modernism- was a partner in the Wagneriana Association of Barcelona, established in 1901 in Els Quatre Gats premises.

At the death of Isaac Albéniz and requested by his wife Rosina Jordana, Albeniz´s great friend Enrique Granados finished “Azulejos” the composer´s last work.