Parc Samà, a film set

Parc Samà is the place.

A place selected to hold many cultural, political, scientific and social events.

All of them have left their impression in the Park. All of them resound still. Close to many people’s destinies, far from everybody. Spacious, elegant and romantic. Peaceful, sometimes. Enjoyable if you want.

Weddings, concerts, formal meetings, fashion shows, afternoon snacks and company presentations, all of them fit perfectly in the Park. The perfect match, an ideal garden for an unforgettable event.


Weddings, christenings and communions


Business meetings, product presentations, team building


Shootings, advertising

Parc Samà has been the chosen place for the celebration of multitude of events of diverse nature from its construction, at the end of 19th century. The beauty of the landscape that makes up its house-palace, its botanical garden and its lake is the main reason why the park has always been alive, full of events. Its location and its Mediterranean climate give the park the optimal conditions for any celebration.

A garden of possibilities

Parc Samà combines pleasant outdoor spaces with indoor spaces to offer different possibilities in the design and organization of a wide variety of events: company meetings, product presentations, communions, weddings, birthdays, concerts, gala dinners, cocktails, awards, press conferences, publicity shoots, etc.

Own gastronomy

At Parc Samà we offer our own catering for all types of celebrations: communions, weddings, dinners, coffee breaks, corporate meals, cocktails, children’s birthday parties, etc.

We have menus adapted to food intolerances and special diets for reasons of religion, health or other preferences.

All the services

At Parc Samà we are characterized by our passion for detail.

We offer a comprehensive service through the suppliers we have previously selected under strict quality criteria: florist, decoration, audiovisual equipment, music animation, etc.

Custom Guided Tours

Parc Samà, you can hire our personalized guided tour service.

Our caregivers will accompany you in a pleasant walk through the park where, in addition to explaining the botanical diversity of its flora or the artistic details of its architecture, your visit will be memorable thanks to the anecdotes of the life of the Marquis in this residence.

Communions’ Special

Their special day at Parc Samà

Their first communion in the company of fallow deer, cypresses, macaws, oaks, parrots, palm trees, turtles and peacocks.

An unforgettable day in which the little ones will go over the park accompanied by the “Indiano” Anay, going up the lake to the viewpoint, entering the forest of the fallow deer, living with the parrots of the aviary Marianao and climbing to the Gaudí Viewpoing…

And in addition: All the children who celebrate their communion at Parc Samà will get the annual Samalina gift entrance!

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