The Labyrinth is a magical place that will surprise you with a lot of fun and lots of history, accompany us in this adventure.

The labyrinths in gardening date from the sixteenth century. At first, they were not intended to confuse but as they were done in gardens they were designed so that the visitor could get lost, learn and contemplate.

We invite you to enjoy this labyrinth, that pretends to be a trip through time to the colonial era. The labyrinth is guided by the history of the promoter and owner of Parc Sama, Salvador Samà i Torrents-Marquis of Marianao-, and the Indians. We hope you enjoy the experience.

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Enjoy the tour, there is no hurry. There are five exits along the itinerary, four of getaway and the final goal in front of the Heracles Statue that personifies the triumph of courage and courage of the hero.


There are 10 tracks in the form of signs with questions to find the exit, they are not complicated. If you have visited the park in detail you will know how to answer them.


You can rest in the coconut tree place, located in the center of labyrinth. That was planted in 2017 on the occasion of World Tourism Day, within the events of the Year of Sustainable Tourism of the World Tourism Organization.