Animal welfare as an absolute priority

Within this exotic and wild variable, many romantic gardens of the time contained collections of animals (deer, pheasants, peacocks …). In the case of Parc Samà, and following the idea of the founder of the park Salvador Samà i Torrens to recreate a garden that will transport the visitor to colonial Cuba, the park housed different collections of animals among which the birds brought from Central America stood out.

The garden of today wants to recover this dimension, focusing on the fondness of its founder in the collection of ornamental birds coming from the new world but adapting this concept to the 21st century, where animal welfare is the absolute priority.

Social awareness and scientific research

The zoological collections of Parc Samà also aim to be a powerful tool for social awareness of environmental problems, conservation of endangered species and scientific research.

Educate and conserve

The animal collections that Parc Samà houses are designed to serve as a classroom for education and conservation, where visitors can admire, enjoy and understand the wonderful world of building again a zoological collection that combines both, the exotic and the Mediterranean fauna.