Plan de Recuperación de la Tortuga Mediterránea en Cataluña

Parc Samà Is a Collaborating Institution with The Department of Territory and Sustainability Participating in The Breeding and Reproduction of the Mediterranean Turtle

In Catalonia several actions are carried out aimed at the conservation of the Mediterranean turtle.

  1.  It has been classified as an endangered species and is protected by the Animal Protection Law (DOGC 5113, dated 04.17.2008)
  2. Since 2010, work is being done on the drafting of the plan for the recovery of the species, which sets the guidelines for reducing the threats that affect it.
  3. For a number of years, the Department of Territory and Sustainability of the Generalitat de Catalunya in collaboration with the Center for the Recovery of Amphibians and Reptiles of Catalonia CRARC coordinates a series of actions to strengthen the population through captive breeding and reintroduction in zones of the Catalan territory initiating the reintroduction in its natural and wild population, the Mountain range of L’Albera. Following the reintroduction program in other areas of the Catalan territory, such as the Garraf massif, the Sierra de Montsant, Delta del Ebro or Marça.

Threat factors

· Destruction and alteration of habitat
· Fire and run overs
· Depredation
· Exploit

Programa de Conservación e Investigación del Faisán Dorado EP5000

Parc Samà is an institution participating in the breeding project of the Faisan Dorado EP5000

The project was born on the initiative of Belgian breeders with the aim of creating a viable long-term population of purebred golden pheasant, after verifying the high cross-breeding between captive populations.The project was started with the importation of 5.000 eggs originating from Asia with a purity in the genotype and began to reproduce giving rise to phenotypically clean birds. in Spain and several breeders involved are supervising the project since 2013. To date, it has 10 pure pairs.

  1. In the first phase of the project, Parc Samà purchases purebred golden pheasant that is coordinated and directed according to the recommendations of the holder of the genealogical register:
  2. In the second phase, the Parc Samà creates its own database through a genealogical record
  3. The third phase spreads the existence of pure golden pheasants among interested breeders. The members of this project should ring their copies with a specific ring that facilitates the group (Aviornis EP5000).